Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

Georgia made out well this Christmas. She saw her Nana and Pop Pop, Aunt Beth, Uncle Lach and her cousins on the 23rd/24th and her Gran and Grandpa Dave and Aunt Sara and the extended Shields family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Also, Santa happened to swing by our house a bit early to drop off her play kitchen, you know, since he has such a busy schedule and all, plus he had heard that Georgia wasn't all too aware of what exactly this "Christmas" thing was that everyone kept talking about, much less what day it was supposed to occur on. So, it worked out nicely for everyone.

Christmas brought many crayons, which Georgia loved receiving but is still getting the hang of using.

Georgia was really full of energy during our visit to her grandparents. Now that she's down to just one nap a day, is learning to walk but requires constant supervision around stairs, dog, etc., and can't get outside much because it's too cold, we're finding that we'll resort to just about anything for entertainment at times. (Case in point: Joe decided, of his own volition, that we should all go to the mall. ?!?! If you know anything about him, you know this is a true testament to the challenges of toddler entertainment in the winter.) Want to try some reading glasses? Sure, why not?

Georgia was surprisingly tolerant of Finn's licking her face considering how sensitive she can sometimes be around other people. She loves that dog, though, and the best part was that by each morning she had forgotten of his existence entirely overnight, until we reminded her by saying, "Do you want to go downstairs and see the dog?" at which point she would squeal, kick in our arms with delight, and start saying "Dog dog!" (Or, "dah dah" as it sounds in her language.)

Still working on that coloring...

And finally, just for fun, a comparison of Georgia 2008 giving kisses to Mambo the hippo, to Georgia 2007 (greased hair and all) hanging with Mambo:

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Danni said...

Awwwwwwww. After hanging out with a five month old for a few days I honestly can't imagine life without 98793874987 naps. Clearly I'm cut out for parenthood :p