Sunday, December 28, 2008


As predicted, this year's visit to Santa was...utterly terrifying. The temperature was in the single digits with negative wind chills on the morning we set out for the mall, so between that and a general lack of energy to devote to dressing Georgia up in her Christmas finest, I decided to go with a wintery, bundled up look for her. I admit, it didn't look as cute as I had intended, but then again, either did I (see below). I, of course, had not planned on appearing in any photos.

Poor things! Remind me again why we do this to them?
Santa actually asked us if he could keep a copy of this photo. I wonder if he was planning on asking for a raise.

Are we done here, mama?


Danni said...

Ha!!! Santa is funny.

jessica said...

Oh my goodness, priceless! I too would like to request a copy! Too funny.