Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2 Peeps I Love

So, I'm behind on downloading, and uploading, and whatever other kind of loading of my photos and spent some time trying to catch up tonight. Of course, I'm not even close to finished, but this shot stopped me in my tracks. Oh, those 4 blue eyes have special powers over me.
Besos, mis amores!


RitaP said...


benandsherie said...

Glad you mentioned the eyes...they stopped me too and I was about to ask if you doctored the photo they are so blue. I wouldn't put it past you ;-)

Danni said...

I love it.

And the church story is funny. I don't think of Joe as a communist though.

Kate said...

sherie- joe's quite flattered you were taken with his eyes...he assumes, of course, you were talking about his. ha ha, yeah right.
not doctored, but I do admit that as blue as they are in real life, they sometimes seem to photograph even bluer.