Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Bunny

Nana and Pop Pop came for a visit. Crab legs and black bean quesadillas were enjoyed (on separate occasions) in lieu of ham. Georgia got some great (non-edible) loot in her Easter basket and really enjoyed hunting for the half dozen large, bright, rather conspicuously hidden plastic eggs that the Easter Bunny brought, each filled with a few bites of strawberry or about 3 chocolate chips. (Satisfying a 1 year old = fish in a barrel...) Church was festive, and Georgia kept yelling out "Happy Easter" to no one in particular throughout the service. Other than the 38 degree weather, I can't complain.
With built in free babysitters staying at our house, (plus my having screwed up the night of our concert tickets and not realizing it until the last minute), Joe and I pretended to have a "real" social life by going out on the town 2 NIGHTS IN A ROW! Delicious Ethiopian at Ras Dashen on Friday night; Mates of State at the Metro Saturday night. Unbelievable.


Danni said...

So cute! That's funny about the chocolate chips and strawberries. I wonder how long she'll tolerate that from the Easter Bunny!

RitaP said...

Your parents are looking great! And you and Georgia, too, of course :-)

jessica said...

Such great photos! I can't believe how long Georgia's hair is...uh oh, it's starting...I'm talking about Georgia's hair just like we talk about yours!