Monday, April 13, 2009

The Parrot

Georgia's vocabulary is really taking off.* But mostly she just practices by repeating back to you exactly what you've just said. ("Start the laundry." "Get the mail." "What are you talking about?" etc.) So cute. Also makes us want to say ridiculous things just to see if she'll say them. Some of my personal faves that I want to note so that I'll remember them later:
--"Guacamole" (her first 4 syllable word, and one of her absolute favorite foods, so it is repeated often.)
--"Fettuccini" (spoken in her toddler fake Italian accent.)
--"Are you?" (Something that has fallen by the wayside of late, but was in extremely frequent rotation for several months. It's short for, "Where are you?", and I think she picked it up from Harry. I still love hearing, "Mommy! Are you?")
--"Look! Look!" (Georgia is obsessed with going to our front windows to look for (a) anything she thinks she has heard outside -- airplanes, birds, car alarms, sirens, you name it, and (b) anyone who has just walked out of our condo -- she wants to watch them as they head out the front walk, I guess.)
--"Make coffee." (She's a great helper for her dad.)
--"Leel ten-er" (Aka, "little tender.")
--"How 'bout...." (Said in a very drawn out way....used in her important decision-making moments, like picking a book or a color of play-doh.)
--"Itchy" (Okay, this one is great but also kind of breaks my heart. I feel like she's been itchy at some level in some spot for almost her entire life. So, I guess it's good that she can now at least tell us about it directly, but it's also kind of sad when a 1 1/2 year old knows the word "itchy" so well!)
--"MommyDaddy" (she tends to contract us into 1 person, seemingly in the hopes that one of us will immediately meet her demands.....usually works.)

Georgia also has a tendency to latch on to certain things and repeat them over and over, which is why we got a child shouting "Happy Birthday!" and "Happy Easter!" all throughout church on Sunday, and saying "Daddy watching golf" over and over after being told that once, as if all Joe does is sit on the couch all weekend.

Like most little kids, Georgia often has a running conversation with herself after we've put her to bed. Sometimes she zonks out immediately, but on occasion you can hear her in her room happily blabbering away for upwards of an hour. Is she debriefing the stuffed animals on the events of her day? Talking to herself? Practicing? Thinking someone's listening? We're having fun standing at the door snooping on her from time to time, now that her blabbering has switched from gibberish to real words. This Sunday night we heard, (and you have to imagine this on a continuously repeating loop for the full effect), "I think so. I think so. Alice. Alice. ABCD. Happy Easter Bunny!"

*Thanks for indulging me this even more scrap-booky than usual blog entry. Sometimes I just gotta use this as a place to record the stuff that I'll never otherwise recall 20 years later.

{Okay, so maybe there were a few gripping holes watched. I guess the Masters is an exception found in the fine print of our "no TV before age 2" rules. To his credit, though, Joe did correctly predict Angel Cabrera as the winner in advance of the first shot, so he's got that going for him....which is nice.}

{Don't worry, she was back to playing cars a few minutes later. Oh, and stay tuned, because I think we're finally going to get around to trimming that shag this weekend. It's cute and all, but G's been sporting the layered mullet look for too long.}


Danni said...

That's so cute. Like I've said before, your posts about Georgia are enough to make me think I need my own little one :-)

Anonymous said...

My favorite is "MommyDaddy" one word - that child is brilliant! I love all the details you gave in this posting. It's great stuff... along with the DARLING picture of watching golf with daddy. Keep posting! - Tom T.

crystal said...

I LOVE the fettucine accent, it's adorable!
I also love the British accent she has when saying "harry" as "airy."

Kate said...

Danni-you should get one! Okay, so I have to warn you, I fear it would put a serious dent in your running career. Hard to fit in a 7-16 hour run around childcare.

But on the bright side, the dent it would put in your drinking career would be much shorter, I promise.