Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Finally! A 70 degree day allowed us to get outside and enjoy ourselves. Too bad it only lasted one day, but we'll take what we can get. (I am sorry if I am managing to work weather complaints into way too many posts lately, but Joe can tell you from experience -- you should probably expect this from me every year around this time. It definitely bothers me more than Dec/Jan/Feb.)

A visit to Aunt Sara's (and to see Boo the Kitty Cat, pictured in the background).

Bonding over Sara's favorite animal, the elephant.

I love this picture.

We enjoyed a nice stroll around Lincoln Park and would've made it to the zoo, but for the fact that Georgia has had croup since Thursday evening, so she was starting to run out of gas. I will spare you the boring sickness details except to say - poor thing. : (

And now....some before and after shots, of course. As the guy who cuts my hair recently said, "No one remembers their first haircut anyway." Very true. But when your dorky parents have a blog, I guess that changes everything.

The never-before-captured-on-film pony tail!
(Cute, but before you scream at me for cutting it off -- it never really stayed put.)

A semi-related aside: Georgia loves to play "hairbrushes" in our bathroom. The vanity is a veritable entertainment center.

The "Shaggy." I think we have all seen some version of this before shot many times by now....

The "After." Eek! What have I done? I think it is cute, but a little shorter than intended! Does she look like a boy? And before you go admiring my handiwork, let me just say that it's got a little bit of a Monet-factor going on -- looks great from far away...not so much when examined close up.

At least we denied our true yuppie nature this time around and skipped the $25 haircut, but I'm not promising that that's not in our future next time. Oh well - no one remembers their first haircut anyway, right? Besides, it was kinda fun. : )


jessica said...

Cute! Bobs on babies are adorable.

Mike&Maggie said...

Oh my gosh!! I want to see her haircut. It looks adorable. I bet she looks so much older, they always seem to look older after hair cuts :-)

Kelly said...

So cute, Kate - good job!

Crystal said...

we need more photos of the haircut! actually can you do a step by step version where you show how you actually get the child to stay still so you don't cut off an ear instead of hair? i think this looks like a great job. (and nobody look too closely at harry's hair)

Beth said...

It makes me happy that all clothes from this blog post were brought to you by Alice :>. It's fun to see someone else wearing them