Monday, April 20, 2009

Tiny Tots Swimming

My friend Maggie and I have enrolled our daughters in Parents and Tots Swimming offered by the Park District. For the bargain price of something like $16 for 2 months of classes, it seemed like a fun thing to do, and maybe a good way to get the girls used to the water at an early age. But seeing as how the class is for "students" aged 18-36 mos., we weren't expecting a lot of actual swimming. The first week, I figured that if anything, we'd be bored, and they might not even let the kids get in the water or something lame like that.

Au, contraire!

We spent the entire session glancing over at each other wide-eyed and cracking up, because we could not believe the fast pace. Step 1: Seat your child on the pool's edge and see if you can get them to dangle their toes in. (Okay, makes sense....) Step 2: (Only about 15 seconds after Step 1...) Now stand your child up and make them jump in the water to you. !!!

I could go on, but there is no need, because Maggie perfectly summed it up in a recent email to me explaining that unfortunately, she and her daughter Anna would have to miss the next 2 sessions of class:

"Hello, my friend, wanted to let you know that we will not be at swim class this week.... Now, this will probably set Anna back significantly in her swimming abilities. I suspect you will cover snorkling and intro to CPR during the first twenty minutes of the session. You'll have to fill us in later.

However, we'll really be set back because we're also missing NEXT week's session.... I'm sure Georgia will be a licensed lifeguard by the end of that session."

So true, so true. I guess the gold in 2028 slipped out of her grasp just like that....

Oh, but Maggie, if you are reading this, I have news for you, my truant friend. Turns out they taught us everything they were planning on teaching us for the duration of the class in the first session. The second week consisted of 5 minutes spent reviewing week 1, and then "free time" for the rest of the session. What?! That's it? No organized games, no nuthin? C'mon, people, mama's just getting cold here after 45 minutes of unstructured free time in the water!

Oh, man...I know I'm terribly biased, but I fear we're in for trouble if she's half as cute and sweet looking when sitting on the pool deck at 16. (By the way, no, I am not the most overprotective mother on the planet. Her UV blocking long-sleeved suit is for our upcoming trip to to the beach, not the indoor pool, okay?)

This picture cracks me up. First, because I've conveniently cropped myself out of it, so it almost looks like she's actually doing this on her own. Second, because, hello? A kickboard for a 1 year old? What do I know, though.

My mom took these photos while she was in town. I'll try to get some of both girls this Friday. Ack - 2 little girls in swim suits - double cuteness!


Anonymous said...

I can confirm without any bias whatsoever - Georgia is TOO DARLING FOR WORDS in her little swim ensemble. OMG! And that happy kickboard shot is soooooooooooo cute. Just getting these pictures of here makes the whole swimming lesson worthwhile. Oh yeah, and that water safety thing.... Tom T.

RitaP said...

I'm jealous of her swimwear.

Susan said...

So fun! Can't wait to see pics w/ both girls!