Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Next Day...

Same place, bigger pool.

Too bad we don't have video of this. You'll have to imagine these photos set to the repeating tune of "Alice's song":

Get in the pool!
We are not sharks -
We're not going to bite you!
Get in the pool!

Um, yeah, Miss Princess and the Pea here was having none of it. Quite happy observing from the safety of her trusty wheelbarrow. Staying away from that creepy, terrifying foreign substance known as grass. Here she can be seen removing an offending blade from her leg. Poor, deprived city girl, that one.


Beth said...

it's funny how Georgia being OUT of the pool was such and obsession for Alice!

benandsherie said...

Making me laugh remember Elliot had the same grass aversion. She outgrew it sometime last year...