Monday, June 8, 2009

Love is Patient, Love is Kind...

"Love is having a fluffy behind!"

I haven't written much in depth on this blog about our great cloth diapering experiment. That's not because we haven't loved it. First it was because we hadn't been doing it long enough for me to feel totally comfortable raving about it to others. Then it was because I never could find the time to do the subject justice in my mind. (That's still the current reason, but someday I intend to put some useful cloth diapering links on the sidebar for anyone who's interested.)

But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, after almost 2 years of cloth diapering Georgia, (and since we are approaching the eve of my dear friend Maggie giving cloth a whirl as well), I thought I'd share with you another installment of "before and after" pictures that I've been meaning to post. These sum up my thoughts on diapers pretty well. Enjoy!

Georgia Maeve, March 4, 2008:

Georgia Maeve, June 8, 2009: Still going strong.


Mike&Maggie said...

Can't wait!!

jessica said...


Kate said...

Maggie - you like how I strip my child down in the middle of the boulevard? : )
From the pictures, one might think we actually have a real yard. Ha ha!