Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reality Check

Tuesday was my last day of work in the office before starting a 6 month (yes!) maternity leave. Meaning yesterday was my first day at home.

I feel it would be remiss for me not to pause here and say....WHOA. Props to the SAHMs out there. Because let me tell you, Georgia really took it to me on Day 1 of this new phase of our lives. More spontaneous whining and crying (over nothing) than I have ever seen. The kind of stuff where you're checking for new teeth or a fever thinking this can't possibly just be your child's behavior at age 2. Oh no, that will not do. Joe had to work late at the office, too, so the fun of this going on during dinner and bedtime was mine, all mine.

But here's the pathetic part - it wasn't even a full day of solo childcare on my part, because fabulous Steph the Nanny took the early shift while I got some last minute pre-baby errands done. So, really, we're only talking about me having covered the post-nap portion of the day.

I gotta work up some stamina people, and quick, because holy crap, we're really about to up the degree of difficulty here, and by the end of yesterday Georgia had me looking forward to our upcoming hospital stay as if it's going to be a getaway to the Park Hyatt. Whew!


Sara said...

The hospital stay with #2 is the best...savor every little minute! When we were "checking out" of the hospital with Phoebe & they asked if I had any questions, my only one was "Do I HAVE to leave?"

Georgia may have been extra-fussy because she was out of routine. Now that Lucy is in school 5 days a week, she gets super-duper fussy if I keep her home. But Georgia will settle in to whatever the new routine is, don't worry. And trust me, if you are worried about how you will handle a newborn and a two-year-old, I have to say that having a newborn is SO much easier the second time around. Also, and my friends told me this when I was pregnant and didn't believe them, but giving birth makes a lot of things actually easier because you will finally have your lap back and can be a more energetic mommy to Georgia. It is a refreshingly nice surprise how true that really is.

Good luck! Can't wait to hear!

Me? A Mom? said...

The biggest lesson I learned from having a second child was that one plus one does not equal two. In other words, it seems like much more than double the work even when there are economies of scale like feeding them at the same time, baths, etc. I don't say this to scare you and perhaps you will cope much better than me, but I was totally blindsided by this and wished I had known what I was in for. I would have developed some war-like fighting mentality and hunkered down for the battle! :) I'm being dramatic, but you get my point.

Hang in there. Georgia is just probably sensing all the anticipation and changes to come.

Me? A Mom? said...

p.s. Sara has a much more optimistic viewpoint. perhaps you should listen to her and ignore me! :)

katandkarl said...

this post makes me happy. you will be great!

also, um, happy due date?

Crystal said...

i'm LOVING the daily blog postings!

and it makes me feel much better to hear this happened to you too. When I started at home fulltime, I was like "Who are you and what have you done with my sweet child?!"

Becca said...

Ah yes...I remember my first days at home with Will and David after David was born. It made going to work everyday look like a dream job! :)

Everyone is right, Georgia will take a little while to adjust her routine to being at home with you. And it takes some time for you too adjust is a whole new ball game.

BTW...I was also blindsided at how tough it was to go from one to two kids. However, as you see it did not stop me from considering and conceiving a third, so it does get easier! :) Once you accept that any shred of personal time/space is about to go out the window, you will be just fine. Haha...

Good luck...we will keep checking in!

Becca and the crew

Kate said...

thanks for all of the helpful insight and kind words!

I think it's good to go into this with our eyes wide open so to speak...not that it will necessariy help, but it can't hurt!

here's to hoping for the best....