Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wordpants Tickets

So there was this article in the NY Times yesterday -- "From Birth, Engage Your Child With Talk".

Basic gist of it was that parents need to talk to their children more, and communicate in every way possible from a very young age in order to foster verbal skills, and that maybe people aren't doing that as much as they used to in the good ol' days. (Ahhh, the good ol' days, when all parents were perfect.) j/k, j/k....

After reading the article, I felt all smugly self-satisfied, because I'd have to say that Joe and I would score high marks from the author based on how much we talked to and read to Georgia before she could speak.

Um, except for our propensity to use totally made up words that are now a part of Georgia's vocabulary. Oops. What would the author make of these common household utterances?

Pee Pee Town
Toots Mulroney Grande
Aco (=Aquaphor)
Mush Wipe (word stolen from Beth's house)
Phony (or Phony McRing Ring)
Moto (=the remote)

I'm sure there's a slew of others that I can't recall right now. It would go against Joe's nature not to use dozens of fake words. Bastardized Spanglish is the best! And the nicknames? Where would be without those?

What are your favorite fake words, or toddler-isms that you've picked up?

In (semi-) related news...and I don't know if this is funny or just sad, so I'm going with hilarious...Joe's been teaching Georgia "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". Yesterday she kept trying to sing it, except at the Cracker Jack line she says, "buy me some peanuts and tree nuts." Um, I guess the allergy message is sinking in.

Also...for some reason Georgia has confused the word "tasty" with "spicy" and therefore frequently protests that things are too tasty to eat. Funny to watch her spit something out with an awful face saying, "It's too tasty!"

Also...language development is the coolest thing to watch unfold. You can hear Georgia working on the past tense now by adding an "ed" to all verbs. "I doed it." "You taked it." It's kinda sweet.


Mike&Maggie said...

I always thought it was so cute when Anna would say "I hold you" when she wanted me to pick her up... it sounded more like she wanted to comfort me than the other way around...

jessica said...

I am so fascinated by language development. It was my favorite class in college. I kind of wish I would have gone that route career-wise!

Aunt Kathy said...

One of our favorites was Clair and Annie's name for their cousin. They couldn't say Joe without adding a "k" to it, so he affectionately became known as "Joke". Along the same lines, a neighbor kid thought Annie's name was "Nanny" because he always heard "Clair and Annie" as "Clair Nanny". The kid was ten before he figured it out. So much fun! Thanks for the memories.

Crystal said...

we're big into "comfypants" but not nearly as creative as you guys!

I love when they break out with different tenses or just surprise you with phrases you didn't sit down and teach them explicitly, but somehow they absorbed. Little sponges!