Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Favorite Pic of the Moment

Why I love our neighborhood: people do not look at you weird for putting your baby in the leaves but instead stop and ask you as you are doing this if you want them to take a picture of all four of you. Thank you to Ashley, whoever you are, who "does photography on the side," the side of what, I'm not sure.

Us in Leaves

It is nothing short of a miracle that everyone's looking at the camera.

Possible captions:
"Who let the brown eyed lady in?" -or- "Would you rather have a million dollars, or Joe's head full of nickels?" (He said it, not me!)

In unrelated news (and so that you don't think we're leading some kind of fakey-fake charmed existence, as pictures like the above might suggest): Joe was miserably sick. He was putting on a good front for those Halloween pics. Then I got pretty sick. Just colds, but bad ones. Also, I nearly lost my mind last week and pretty much cracked due to the shhshing, etc. Hence, we have begun formal "sleep training" of June. Everyone is happier for it now. Also, I have plantar fasciitis, which is just a pain to deal with, especially when walking for hours is sometimes the only thing that will calm your baby, but oh well. I'm dealing. Eli Manning and me, right?


Danni said...

That picture rocks!

Me? A Mom? said...

aww, cute pic. I'm the brown-eyed outsider in our family too. :)

katandkarl said...

such a great family pic!

the SHUSHING nearly made me lose my mind when mine was an infant.


Susan said...

Very cute pic! I dealt with plantar fasciitis the first year I moved here and was walking so much more than I was used to. It’s cleared up for the most part, but I know the annoying pain you’re having…not fun. Did you learn stretches and are you doing them?? I found they helped!

jessica said...

Love that picture! You guys should all model. I really hope I see some of these photos printed and framed or hung up in some fashion the next time I visit. If not I'm just going to do it for you. (This coming from the girl who never ever prints pictures even though I've been meaning to put together a photo album and bring pictures to work to put up in my office for about a year now.)