Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Stuff I Think is Funny Maybe You Will Too

Evidence that I'm a mean mom:
  • We inherited a hand me down Wii gaming system. Georgia assumed it was a space heater and started cautioning herself and others, "It's very, very hot. Do not go near it." And, um...I did not immediately correct her.
  • That kid has had so few sweets over the course of her life (We have our reasons, okay?), that when Joe and I started talking about dessert in front of her last week she misunderstood and chimed in, "I want to eat dirt, too!" Oh good Lord, are you telling me the poor child does not even know the word "dessert"?!
Evidence that I really don't care whether my nursing bras are stylish:
  • Got ready to go out on Sunday and decided to throw on a regular bra as I was getting dressed. Upon witnessing this Georgia asked, "Are you going to the beach?" No, sweetie, that's not a bikini, but I'll take your assumption that I could theoretically still wear one as a compliment.
Evidence that Joe is brainwashing the children to become Parrotheads:
  • The end of Georgia's bedtime ritual involves "kisses in the Cribby-be-an," a take-off of the Buffet tune, "Christmas in the Caribbean." We about died laughing this morning when we heard Georgia shouting this wake up call through the monitor, "Daddy! I want to get out of the Cribby-be-an!"
Evidence that we may need to get a life:
  • It just occurred to me this week that perhaps it's not totally normal that Joe and I have been getting by just fine sharing a single set of keys to our place for, oh, I don't know....a FEW YEARS now. I guess this means that either (a) we're always together, or (b) at least one of us is always at home. People act like hiring a babysitter would be the key to getting out more, but I'm thinking for us we should just start small with a second set of keys.


Susan said...

Okay, that key thing is crazy! I cannot for the life of me figure out how you've made that work!

jessica said...

This is all hilarious! Love it even though, as you know, I do not love Jimmy Buffett!

Maggie said...

I am FLOORED that you've shared a single set of keys. I cannot understand that whatsoever. Have you never gone to, say, the grocery store while someone else goes on a walk? I don't get it.

But my personal favorite is the "eat dirt."

Angelique said...

Kate - you made me laugh out loud!!! On a side note, I saw your mom the other day!