Tuesday, March 30, 2010

G is for Genius

Most obnoxious post title ever, I know.  Don't care.  Check this out:  Georgia drew these letter G's all by herself!
First Letter G-1

First Letter G-2
Honestly, I have no idea when kids normally start making letters, but as her mother you can color me impressed!


Crystal said...


Susan said...

Color me impressed, too! I think it's rare for a still 2-year-old to recognize a G, let alone draw it. Did you write one first and she was copying it or was this just from her memory? Either way, I think she might really be a genious!!

Angelique said...

Miss Smarty-Pants!!

Danni said...

Of course she's a genuis!

Maggie and Mike said...

Georgia is a genius. But I have to say this makes me feel very inadequate as a parent because Anna can still barely even hold a pen correctly. Sigh. Maybe Georgia can teach her??