Monday, March 22, 2010

I Heart Faces: "Focusing on Angles"

Week 12 2010

No, this week's theme was not "crouch down in grocery store aisle with baby strapped to you." I apologize for wasting your time with this photo, and I know I should've just skipped this week, but I  wanted to throw this up there to commemorate the reality that is my dedication (or lack thereof) to this project. If the point is to get out the camera and practice photography more often, then I'm not sure my last second attempts are getting the job done. Anyway, I still find the photo funny because it's a more realistic depiction of what's normally going on - in our lives, and with my photography.

P.S.  We don't always shop this way, but yeah - we are sometimes "those people" you can hardly maneuver your cart around because they felt the need to drag the whole dang family to the store.  Sorry! 

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Christina said...

Real life...if you can't take a picture of it so that later you can laugh, what can you do?! I love that you did this, and then entered it!

Sarah said...

Love it! TO us moms that is such a real-life shot!

Run DMT said...

Visiting here from I Heart Faces

This photo is a real angle of life as a mom. Great job! :-)

Angie said...

I'm glad you entered this, its a great photo and tells a story! I had a flash-back of my son and I on our last grocery shopping trip! LoL

Gretchen Niaki said...

Talk about photojournalistic! I LOVE THIS!!!

So glad you posted!

Karli said...

I'm pretty sure we've all been 'those people' at one time or another. I love it. I love that you had your camera in the grocery store and I love watching an adult argue with a toddler. We've all done it. :)