Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stop to Smell the Tulips

I'm not saying these pictures are bad, per se, I'm just wondering why it is that all of these other people whose blogs I read seem to live near fields of wildflowers that bloom in springtime, and they set their children in them to frolic, and then magical things happen and the children do not freak out about their skin touching plants? I suppose these people usually live in Texas where it has not been a lifetime since their skin last touched plants.

Flowers in Blvd-1

I'm not making this up - you can actually see her lips forming the "o" in "pokey" as she is fussing about the grass, "It's too pokey!"
Flowers in Blvd-2

Serious flower sniffing, lollipop wrapper in hand. Not nearly as picturesque as I had envisioned.
Flowers in Blvd-3

Okay, these next 2 shots illustrate the power of perspective.

Here, it practically looks like we have a yard!
Flowers in Blvd-5

And here, you see that we are in fact in the middle of the boulevard, a bit dangerously close to traffic.
Flowers in Blvd-4

The boulevard is exploding with these flowering trees. (Well, at least a few weeks ago during those crazy 80 degree days it was.) What are they? Any botanists out there?
Flowers in Blvd-6

Best shot of the session, but as you can see, even with a blanket under them they still weren't too happy.
Flowers in Blvd-7

If only my grinning face had been captured, though. 80 degrees in April? Yes, please!


Maggie said...

So cute! I think the tree might be a flowering dogwood?

Brooke @ Parenting from Scratch said...

It looks like a Bradford pear tree to me. Was it kind of, uh, stinky? If so, definitely a Bradford.

ritap said...

Did Georgia get a new haircut?
No clue on trees. I did recognize the dandelions! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dave and I think it's a flowering crab. Marsha