Monday, May 17, 2010


Among other things, this blog serves as our family's running photo album, so I'm sorry for what I'm about to subject you to.  Of all the blogs I read, I've not seen anyone blatently abusing theirs to this degree.  All I can say in my defense is that Joe and I both tried to narrow down this slew of photos, but each of the remaining ones is here for a reason (to us). 

So what follows is the modern day equivalent of trapping you in our basement and forcing you to watch our vacation slideshow.  (Except you can just skip it!  We would never do that to you, promise.) 



That condo full of mirrors.  So many mirrors.

Staring at that kid at the restaurant who nicknamed her "The Big Plum" out of nowhere.

June's first time going to a restaurant.  (Yeah, we don't get out much.)  She's a very messy eater because of her habit of stuffing her fingers in her mouth between bites.  Not pictured:  us quickly paying the bill and evacuating due to Georgia's behavioral meltdown.  Guess that girl needs a little more practice in restaurants.  (P.S. Trip report from a food allergy perspective available by clicking here.) 






Serving "drinks" at the pool.

Our Mac ad.  Watching a Sesame Street video for a break from the sun.

Oh thank God.  I'll leave it at that. 



Holding on tight.


This one's for you, Jessica.   
We probably shouldn't ever expand this family, because we wouldn't all fit in the frame.



Fearless about falling face first into the ocean.

With "the Germans."  Georgia doesn't normally make new friends easily but for some reason gladly accepted Arne and Carolina, who followed her around like little worshippers.  Apparently when it comes to interacting with other little kids, she prefers a language barrier.  








June started on Cheerios on this trip.

Good times with zee Germans.



"Don't come!"










Poor little Junie.  So patient about everyone dumping water on her head.  Actually, I think she loved the attention - not that she was lacking for that, either. 





2010 Stuff to Remember List:
  • Georgia's Italian grandmother style hand gestures.  "Actually, this is our condo."
  • June's party tricks: waving, clapping, doing "so bigs". 
  • Trepidation at pool on Day 1. Counting to 20 (in her own way), jumping in and shouting, "Don't catch me!" on Day 2. Pretty much deciding not to touch the pool with a 10 foot pole from Day 3 on.
  • Using "I have to go potty!" as a silver bullet to get out of whatever she wants. A week long bout of crotch holding to accompany this trick.
  • Yelling "I want to pee pee in the ocean!" after we told her it was okay, instead of ever just saying, "I want to go play in the ocean."
  • June almost crawling.  Working so hard on mastering forward motion.
  • Georgia waiting until the farthest point from shore on her canoe trip with Joe and Grandpa Dave to declare absolute misery from overheating.  Being bribed with souvenir stuffed animals to stick it out.  Finding relief in life jacket removal.
  • Georgia asking everyone on the plane in line for the bathroom, "What's your name?"  Asking the woman with the prominent piercing, "What's in your eyebrow?" 
  • June's universal sign for mild distress:  extend arms outward from sides of body, loosely girate a la Steve Martin's "wild and crazy guys" SNL skit.   
  • Georgia playing in the sand telling her little German friends repeatedly, "You speak German.  You speak German."
  • June's strong preference for real keys, watches, phones, coasters, etc. over any of the toys we brought.
  • Day visit from cousins Alice and Sam, Aunt Beth and Uncle Lach.  Georgia getting "beach feet" for the first time.  Beth painting Sam's toenails, too.
  • Working on weeks 2/4 of our 100 Pushups project. 
  • Georgia napping every other day.  (No nap every other day, three hour naps every other day.)
  • June sleeping a lot.  Neglecting to go along with the time zone plan we had conceived.
  • Dinner at The Timbers with Sara.
  • Joe mistaking diaper rash cream for sunscreen and slathering it all over his face.
  • Watering the flowers at the sand rinse station every time.
  • Georgia venturing to Gran and Grandpa Dave's condo all by herself.
  • Being afraid of ants, but not lizards.
  • A night out at the Sunset Cafe.
  • The "god dammit" tree landing line on Smoke Jumpers.
  • Dairy Queen and lots of M&M cookies.


Sara said...

Love the photos! Hey, if you could, drop me an e-mail when you get a chance...I have some Chicago questions and even though we're just remotely acquainted through blogs, I am guessing you will be a good resource for me...thanks!


scolket [at] gmail

Ann said...

OMG, no wonder you had to include them all...these photos are GREAT! I feel like Tony the Tiger saying that. The lighting in some is amazing. Are you using any fill-in flash? I need to know more...and are the closeups of Georgia with the 50 mm? I feel like ours isn't giving me that great a shot. Hmmmm...I totally have photo jealousy. Or maybe those girls are just too damn cute. Hard to say.

Danni said...

Those are really incredible pictures! I enjoy looking at pictures at my own leisure rather than watching someone's narrated live slideshow :p

Leslie Stafford said...

These are all beautiful! I can't believe how big the girls are getting. Where did you guys go?

Mindy said...

Well worth the wait!

jessica said...

Wonderful photos as always! I am impressed that you were able to get all four of you in the self-portrait shot! Darn you and your long arms! So jealous!

Maggie said...

I love these photos. You guys look like you're having so much fun! You're such a talented photographer, I feel like I'm looking at professional shots. Are you sure you don't want to start another career?

Kate said...

thanks guys! mags, when strangers start saying the same thing as my bffs, maybe I'll consider leaving the day job - ha!

leslie - we were in sanibel, fl

ann - the closer ones are with the 50mm. a lot of the beach/broad daylight ones were set to auto b/c I'm not very good at dealing w/extreme sunlight. i think the best ones are b/c of good light -- mornings on the balcony or just around sunset. I also edit some shots in LR, so that could be the difference.