Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're Doing This

I opened my big mouth and the next thing you know I've got my husband, 2 coworkers, and 3 tween aged kids doing this.  We're on Week 4.  Joe has a prayer of making it to 100.  I do not.  But - BUT - it has still been worthwhile.  I started so low that I've already tripled my max, so that's awesome.

Join us.  It's free.  It's anywhere.  It's 10 minutes or less, 3 times a week.

Okay, that's the end of my pitch.  No guilting here, just wanted to share the opportunity.  Try it at least until you get sick of it and see how far you can get.  I'll admit, I've got a few weeks to go and am already quite sick of pushups!

P.S.  I love posting about exercise because it is way easier than actually exercising. : )  Do you hate me now?
P.P.S.  Exemption for anyone whose short and loud people are still waking them up at night to dine or are currently still residing in their bellies.  


ritap said...

Juan and I are starting this today. I'm looking forward to getting my defined arms back in time for the wedding!!

Kate said...

awesome, rita! i'm psyched to know we've got 2 more people doing this now. you'll hate me for it in about 3-4 weeks I think.

ritap said...

I'll keep you posted. May have also convinced colleagues in Brazil to participate. I'll tell them you made them do it in 3-4 weeks...