Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Links

1) Warning: the next week of blog posts will be out of order and really random. I've got junk I want to post that I've never gotten around to. None of it's that important, and there's no rhyme or reason to it, but bear with me.

2) Work is suddenly a lot busier. Not sure whether this will lead to more or less blogging over the next month. You'd think less for sure, but for some reason it sometimes has the opposite effect on me. Maybe being busier whips my lazy butt into gear? Or maybe I just savor my outside of work projects (like this blog) more during busy times? Haven't figured this one out yet.

3) Share your sites. What do you read for fun? Food, sports, design, parenting, crafty, whatever? Here are 3 sites I like. Please give me something good in return.

  • Girl's Gone Child: The blog of totally rad L.A. mother, Rebecca Woolf.  By my standards she's young and hip, and a great writer to boot.  You'll find thought-provoking things admidst style tips, music suggestions and personal anecdotes.


jessica said...

I love Awkward Family Photos. Thanks for reminding me to check it out again. It's been too long!

This is great because I need to broaden my work distraction blog reading. Here is what currently distracts me:

Apartment Therapy I mainly look at the photos and it's great right now as I get ready to move and want some new decorating and organization ideas.

Oh Happy Day Maggie turned me on to this site. Again, lovely pictures of inspiring rooms and pretty things.

Once Wed
Beautiful and creative wedding ideas. I like it because the photos can inspire other things like party or home decorating ideas.

Spencer Tweedy's Blog
Spencer is Jeff Tweedy's teenage son. I love Wilco so it's fun to get a glimpse of what goes on in the Tweedy household. It's also nice to know that there are good, creative kids out there.

jessica said...

Oh yeah, add Design Sponge to my list too. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Maggie said... It appeals to my hippie spiritual nature... it's a catholic lady who is all into green cleaning, food, etc.
This lady did crockpot meals for an entire year. I haven't loved all of them, but I am always up for trying something new in the crock pot.

Beth said...

Jessica - The Tweedy's live like 6 blocks from me in some undisclosed direction, but Spencer (formerly known to me as 'the son of the Wilco guy') is friends with some kids who live behind me, and the drummer from Wilco just moved in next door to my friend Sarah (I will pounce and become great friends with his wife this summer - she's due to have a baby like any minute). Oh, and 2 years ago, Spencer Tweedy and his teenage band performed at our summer block party. So funny. Everyone knows more about Wilco than I do, perhaps that will keep me from being starstruck when I meet them sometime...

Kate said...

Beth - I did not know this stuff?!?! Crazy.

Maggie - I just passed on the crockpot link to a friend who just got one and is in a huge crockpot phase. Awesome. I am also loving the hippie kitchen one. Thanks!

Jessica - I'll add Oh Happy Day into the rotation. Loved her son's closet room.

jessica said...

Wow Beth! I would certainly be starstruck...Bobby and I do have a Wilco AND Jeff Tweedy poster in our living room. Sounds like you live in a very cool neighborhood!