Monday, June 7, 2010

Movie Night

Words that bode well for your evening plans: "Can you move the fortress, because otherwise we won't be able to see the movie from inside the tent?"

Afterwards: She said her favorite part was, "when Lightning McQueen got in the truck."

A sign that it was all meant to be: The clock read 8:37 when she rose the next day.

[We tend to be strict about things like bedtime, desserts and TV. Which made it all the more fun to up and break all the rules at once. Lying in that tent together was a take-a-picture-in-your-head-and-burn-it-into-your-memory-forever-because-it-does-not-get-better-than-this moment for us. The rare intersection of our picturesque vision of what parenthood means and reality.]


Maggie and Ann said...

Hell, maybe I should make anna watch movies at night... would she sleep in, too???

Sounds like fun!

crystal said...

Harry is going to be so excited that she saw the best movie EVER "Cars!"
He can act out the whole thing for her!