Sunday, June 20, 2010

Run Like Robot Virtual 5k

Where to begin?  Let's see...I am friends with Kat from Arkansas, who I only know via the Internet, and she organized a virtual 5k race, for no particular purpose or cause other than fun, where the idea was that people all over the place would run a 5k on the same day, but in all of these various locations, and of course wearing the matching robot shirts that Kat printed up for us.  How hard was that to follow, really?  (This all made perfect sense to me until I had to explain it out loud this weekend and was met with a bunch of confounded stares and realized how crazy it must sound.)

Anyway, here are the specific instructions that Kat emailed:
To do:
1. Drink water.
2. Run 5K.
3. Drink beer.
3. Take Picture.
4. Email Picture.
Please note: #3 may be interchanged with any other # on the list.
(And that numbering was hers, not mine.)  So anyway, I tried to follow instructions.  Now, for anyone visiting from Kat's blog and hoping to see pictures of me racing in the mean streets of Chicago, sorry.  We were out in the 'burbs at my inlaws, so I can show you the awesome running path near their house and prove to you that my children do occasionally see more green than the 3 foot strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street.  And, BONUS!  I picked up a participant, because my father in law, a.k.a., Grandpa Dave, decided to run with me.

I decided to pull a Danni and bring the camera along for our 5k.

That thar is some good ol' midwestern corn. (Background, not foreground.)  I think it's so cool how the trail goes from forest to corn field just like that.

Storm damage from some recent doozies.

Post race celebration! Here we are doing our best "run like robot" interpretation, although I kind of look like I'm going for "run like old lady."

Yes, my face is ALWAYS that red after any exercise. No, I do not normally drink Old Style, but it seemed the most region-appropriate beer for this international race.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of the other race reports linked to Kat's blog, and to hopefully doing this again next year!  I have a feeling it's going to be even bigger and better in 2011 if you wanna get in.


Maggie said...

How fun! We could have come out and watched you run the robot race if we'd known... Next year maybe I'll do it with you :-)

Angelique said...

Love the idea of the Robot Race!!!