Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mishmash, Updates, Confessions (as if anyone cares, but whatevs)

It was brought to my attention that I never answered the question posed in this post about my embarrassing song.  Well, my friend Kelly was the winner of a crisp twenty dollar bill for being the first to respond with "Party in the U.S.A." by Miley Cyrus.  But I actually felt less ashamed after several people made the same guess.  I must not be the only one with an affinity for throwing my hands up and nodding my head like yeah. 


I also love all of the song suggestions that everyone offered for updating my running mix.  The update hasn't happened yet, so I'm still stuck on the 2006 mix, but soon.  Soon.


Since I bothered to complain write about Georgia's strong preference for Joe in this post, I feel like I should follow up to let you know that she appears to be over the mommy meanness.  (Of course, now she's treating us all equally with lots of almost-3-year-old defiance, but I'll take it over the recoiling.)  Not sure if that phase was about testing limits, or having a not-so-new sibling, or being 2 1/2 or what.  I guess that yes, somewhere deep down I knew that it was a phase that would pass with time, but I'm just saying that it honestly was not fun or easy, and I'm really glad that we're past that.  Thank you for not judging me for having a toddler who appeared at times not to like me, because I certainly was developing an inferiority complex about it.    


"Yeah, but..."  is Georgia's favorite phrase right now.  We hear this one hundreds of times a day.  She attempts to negotiate out of anything.  Also, she is too clever for her own good and finds any loophole. 
Her:  "Mom, did you wear sunscreen today?"
Me:  "Well, no.  But I didn't really go outside today, I was just in the house and at work, so it's okay."
Her:  "Yeah, but you walked to the train to get to work, so you were outside."
Okay, then.  Point for Georgia won on a technicality. 


1)  Completing an online CLE course. 
2)  Pumping 1 boob at a time because I forgot to bring both tubes to work. 
3)  Reading title and survey documents.
These are 3 of my least favorite activities, and I found myself doing them all simultaneously yesterday.  It's like the multi-tasking sort of cancelled out the badness of each individual chore. 
(What?  It's been a really long time since I inappropriately wrote about work on this blog, okay?  Report me to the bar if you must.)


People, how do I kick my sugar habit?  I had a regular Coke and ate York Peppermint Patties in my office today, and I don't even like them all that much but could not resist.  Also, Joe and I keep trying to entirely cut dessert from our house, at least on weekdays, to no avail.  I need a sugar intervention and felt like I should confess here, since, you know, I've written about vegetables, and pushups and running as if I'm so virtuous.


A conversation from some time last week: 
Me:  "Georgia, Father's Day is coming up!"
Her:  "AGAIN?!"

Sorry, Joe.  Georgia thinks you're over-appreciated at this once a year rate.  Don't worry; we're not in agreement on that. 


Georgia's other favorite phrase of the moment:  "Can you come?"  (Said pleadingly to Joe or me, when we suggest that she go anywhere, or do anything, or God forbid, leave the room without us.)  I will admit that it can be endearing at times, since as I mentioned above, I apparently need affirmation that she actually likes me.  However, it is laughable how extreme she is about it.  We are not talking about leaving her in a church nursery with strangers, we're talking about suggesting that she walk into the next room with her aunt/grandmother/[fill in blank with name of person she should be totally comfortable with].  I joke that she would happily put Joe and me in shock collars that are triggered when we step out of range.   A 3-foot radius range, that is.  This Sunday we were all gathered in a room about the size of a canoe, and when we asked Georgia to stand next to her great grandmother for a photo we got, "Can you come?"  Come where, honey?  We're all standing right here!  The flip side of the "endearing" nature of Georgia's clingy-ness is that it makes it damn near impossible to ever take advantage of relatives' offers to watch or entertain her for even 10 minutes, and it's putting the fear of God in us about the preschool dropoffs coming up in August.  But that's a topic for a whole 'nother post someday.

{All for this.}

Exciting update:  June's stable enough in the water, so we're now able to bathe the girls together!  I would be sharing a cute picture of this, except that just as I was perching myself atop the vanity to snap away, someone thought it was appropriate to take a dump in the tub, amazingly a first for us after nearly 3 years of parenting.  I'm not naming names as to who the culprit was, but let's just say that that certain someone was new to the club and didn't know the pool rules yet. 


While waiting for my train this afternoon, I saw someone on the platform wearing a t-shirt with a checklist design that read "Gym.  Tan.  Laundry." (with little boxes to check next to each word).  I could not help but think that the list should instead start with laundry so as to help this woman avoid ever having to wear the "Gym.  Tan.  Laundry." shirt again. 


Oh my word, you're still here?  Here is a delicious picture of June in a watermelon suit to reward you for your perserverance: 

And one from the carseat.  (Might as well take advantage of the good lighting when you've already done permanent structural damage to your pelvis by wedging yourself between two occupied carseats in the back of a Honda Civic, right?)  But hey, it was Father's Day, dammit, and I kept those girls happy on that ride!  : )   


Me? A Mom? said...

I was going to guess Party in the USA as it is MY fav guilty pleasure song but I was too embarrassed to admit it!

Me? A Mom? said...

...and the butterflies fly away...

Danni said...

I enjoyed the mishmash update and am tempted to harshly judge the Miley Cyrus liking but I've never heard the song so who knows it might be great.

Maggie and Ann said...

I've never heard the miley cyrus song either. In fact, I don't think I've ever heard a miley cyrus song. However, I'd just like to give Georgia an internet high-five for being equally loving to both parents. Keep it up, girl!

Kate said...

never heard.

ppshaw! don't be ashamed to rock the teeny bopper station now and then.

and I would just like to add that my friend Jessica is appalled by the whole thing, apparently due to some outfit that Ms. Cyrus donned at some awards show, thus forever scarring Jessica and burning a terrible image in her mind that pops out every time that song is played. I have not seen the video or any performance of this song, so I'm not afflicted by that problem, thankfully. : )

katandkarl said...

i'm embarrassed to admit i went back to that post in hopes that you would confirm some Party in the US love. It's just so damn catchy. Love the pics.

Oh, and GTL (gym, tan, laundry)...it's a movement: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=GTL