Monday, July 19, 2010

Operators Are Standing By

I bet you thought Joe worked at a "fancy" big city law firm, didn't you?

How hilarious is his non-caller-i.d., ginormous telephone with 1,600 buttons? In beige plastic, no less. In what decade was this bad boy considered state of the art?

I only have reason to set foot in Joe's office (which is directly across the street from mine) about once a year. He gets upset when I give him a hard time about the "decor", but I think you can see why it's difficult to restrain myself.

Georgia thought riding the L for this pilgrimmage to our offices was big fun. Don't worry, though. We'll keep taking her back as often as it takes for her to never want to become an attorney. Promise.


Me? A Mom? said...

is that a WATER FEATURE next to the phone? I had no idea your husband was so Feng shui.

Emily said...

I think the fact that Georgia is eating her lunch on top of some documents is hilarious because it looks so familiar . . .

Danni said...

But she looks so at ease behind that desk.