Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thanks for the tips, weekly newsletter!

"Bonus: Experiencing frustration allows a child to learn patience and self-control."

New and improved toddler frustration! Now with even more whining!

In other news, Georgia is getting smarter, but not quite smart enough to get away with naughty tricks.  When asked to stop whatever prohibited behavior she is up to (e.g., swinging the camera around by its strap) she responds with, "Or....I could just go in a different room and do this, and then you could not say that."

To which I reply with laughter, because how can you not laugh at someone simultaneously hiding and giving themselves away?

But the Babycenter advice givers would be so proud!  To wit:
"Use humor to your advantage to cajole a reluctant child..."

Ah, yes.  The infallible "use humor" advice.  Works perfectly for all manner of situations otherwise ending in beating head against wall or running from house screaming. 

We do really try to keep things light around here, but my failures are more frequent than I'd care to admit. 

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