Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thanks For Playing

Time for the answer to the latest sidebar poll:  Which of the following have I not done in the last week?

A) Put a baby to bed pantsless and diaperless
Nothing to See Here
{Whatchu lookin at?}

B) Carried a baby on top of a basket full of laundry down a flight of stairs
Basket of Baby
{Two things I love:  my baby, and my baby blanket.}

C) Fed a baby hot salsa to expand its palate
Frontera Salsa
{Um, I guess we're waiting for a special occasion to eat that brown banana.}

D) Rigged a Kit Kat wrapper into lids for breastpump bottles
Desperate Times
{Desperate times call for desperate measures.}

Tied with an equal number of votes were A and C.  But the correct answer was B!  Sort of a trick question, though, because I have pulled that unsafe laundry basket move in the past, it's just been a few months.  And while I have given June small doses of hot salsa multiple times in the past few weeks, it is admittedly usually diluted with a bit of plain yogurt.  However, I am a believer that you can't feed your kid nothing but bland foods for three years and then expect them to wake up and want to try something more adventurous.  (Not that hot salsa is the solution to everyone's picky toddler woes.  Don't rush over here to strangle me - I get it that we've been lucky in the eating department.)

As for answer A, yes, we did this intentionally.  And lest you think we're crazy, it's actually a really great way to quickly clear up a diaper rash, without too much cleanup unless you've got a regular overnight pooper, which June isn't.  We never could try this with Georgia when she was a baby because her eczema was always bothered by more air, so leaving her diaperless would've led directly to incessant scratching.  June is the anti-princess and the pea, I guess.  She's the princess on the pee.  (Sorry - couldn't resist.)


Adventures In Babywearing said...

How adorable! And hilarious.


Cindy said...

June is too cute! We've been there with the naked baby too. We let Waylon run around naked for most of March. :)