Monday, August 9, 2010

June's Baptism

Events in upcoming posts aren't in chronological order, but I thought I'd start with the easiest first. June was baptised Sunday in a lovely little ceremony in which Georgia got to help by "blessing" the water. No, she is not attempting to dive in, as it may appear in the photo below. The sermon wasn't my fave, but then again, it's always hard to catch the nuances in between serving cheerios as finger food while crouching down on foam puzzle piece flooring. Many thanks to the extended fam who made such an effort to be there for this special day in June's life.

Georgia blessing the water


What a trooper - no tears!

And the boys were so well behaved, too:

In other religious news, Georgia has started using the word "God" randomly (and usually nonsensically) here or there. I thought she had just picked up on it from church, until Joe informed me that he witnessed her spill a cup of water and then exclaim, "Oh, God!" Grrrrreat. One week before parochial preschool starts, and we find out we haven't been controlling our language as well as we thought we had. Oops!  Oh well.  Could be much worse.

On the plus side, Georgia was blessing the water in her bath tonight and then dumping it on her head to baptize herself. She's very good at baptising other people and animals.


jessica said...

"In other religious news." This made me laugh out loud.

Beth said...

Um, I think that group photo could also count as Sam's first official fake smile for a photo!! You can tell he is concentrating on smiling. HA! I may need a copy just for that reason.