Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Inside Joke of the Moment

Remember how I mentioned that Georgia got to hang around while I muddled through Jillian Michael's exercise DVD?  She's probably seen it a max of one and a half times.  Yet about 10 days after last seeing it, she suddenly starts bouncing all over the bed and comes out with, "I think you know who I am.  Now let's get to work.  Okay, down to the floor.  Now back up."  Etc.  Etc.  

The "I think you know who I am" quote is Jillian's first line in the DVD, since we're all ostensibly supposed to recognize her from The Biggest Loser.  Joe and I about choke from laughter every time Georgia throws her hands on her hips and says it.  So we've all as a family taken to saying it to each other at every possible turn (e.g., "Can you get me a glass of water please?  I think you know who I am.").  

So it's back to the Sesame Street and Word World for you, Georgia.  That's right, missy.  I think you know who I am.


Maggie said...

I will do whatever Georgia tells me... I know who she is.

Emily said...

Ha! I meant to comment earlier that I think it would be easier to explain the bra situation on that video than the sweat-pant capris, which I really don't get.

Kate said...

excellent point about the sweatpant capris, Emily. they are so puzzling.