Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear June

June, I owe you your 1-year letter.  To be fair, I did not get your sister's 1-year letter written until she was 13 months old.  So my being 2 months late with yours isn't the end of the world, right?  Except that you're rapidly approaching 15 months old, and I'm still not sure when I'm going to find the time to sit down and come up with a tear jerker.  I will get to it, I promise. 

In the meantime, I feel like this artwork from your cousin Alice pretty much sums up everyone's feelings about you. 
Artwork by Alice
"Here is June as a baby! Baby June baby June you are so cute and adorable and the cutest baby in the world adorable!!! !!! !!! !!!"

I couldn't agree more.


Susan said...

I love how kids that age can write backwards as easily as they can write forwards.

Crystal said...

I heart this report on Baby June. so cute :)