Monday, October 25, 2010

Giraffe Tongues As Big As Your Head

When my sister asked if Georgia would like to go with her to a pumpkin farm, it never occurred to me to add to the list of ground rules, "Do not feed her alive to a herbivorous mammal native to central and southern Africa." Silly me. Lesson learned.

Giraffe tongue as big as your head!

I guess this explains why she returned to report that giraffe tongues are purple. Funniest things about this are: (1) Georgia has no idea that it was odd to see a giraffe at a pumpkin farm, and (2) my nephew's preschool teacher happened to snap this photo at the exact right moment.


Beth said...

But hopefully your readers will in fact check out the link and see that, despite the odd experience of seeing a giraffe tongue closer than 99% of the world, Georgia had a GREAT day on the farm!

Susan said...

Yikes!! I can't believe that didn't freak Georgia out. It would have me for sure!

Maggie said...

I can't believe this didn't completely unravel Georgia! She handled it really well :-) And I have to say, that picture is pretty nutso. Who knew that their tongues were so insanely long??