Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh, I'm sorry, was this not a costume party?

In honor of my brother in law having been in this country for 10 years, my sister had a little get together to celebrate. We thought it would be funny to show up in costume - dressed as all of our favorite Americanized stereotypes of Australia.

The Whole Gang
Georgia: the kangaroo. Probably the most authentic one of our bunch.
June: a Bloomin' Onion from Outback Steakhouse (from Wikipedia: "the dish is unknown in Australia and rarely served outside of the United States").
Joe: Crocodile Dundee (or as we like to call him, the nordic tranny Paul Hogan). Nordic, because the leather vest selection at the Salvation Army left only this fuzzy shearling option to be had, and tranny, because he's wearing women's boots.
Kate: a Foster's oil can of beer (from Wikipedia: "Foster's Lager does not enjoy widespread success in Australia").

I was a little nervous, because when I shared this plot with a few of my friends at work, I was met with blank stares.  But these are risk averse, buttoned up lawyers, people.  So it all worked out.  The whole thing was thrown together in 5 days on a tight budget, but thankfully it was well received in good humor by Beth and Lach.

Our jumping 'roo in action:
Jumping 'roo
My coworker commented that Joe and I must be made for each other when she heard that Joe's reaction to all of this (upon finding me perusing eBay for Georgia's costume) was, "Maybe I should be the kangaroo!" and not "No way are we doing that!" (Okay, truth be told, his first reaction was "What? Are you sure?" but he came around quickly.)

June's Nutrition Facts:
Nutrition Facts

June the Bloomin' Onion at Play
It's hard to photograph a Bloomin' Onion on the move. And yes, I realize that she probably looks more like a bird than an onion, but I'd like to see you do better.

Can't believe she didn't rip out the barettes
Amazingly, she didn't pull her barettes out all night. She barely has enough hair to hold them.  Quick side story about her Ugg boots: they were originally a baby gift for Georgia from my boss, so I was saddened when one of them got lost after being accidentally jettisoned from the stroller.  Imagine our surprise when 3 MONTHS LATER we found it neatly perched on a neighborhood fence post waiting for its rightful owner's return.  Reunited!)  

Kate as Beer
I am wearing a collapsible laundry hamper. Thank you fabric glue for making this moment possible. Somehow this thing looks smaller in pictures than it felt in real life.

That's a Knife!

Our kangaroo, sucking on a lolly and taking in a little Aussie Rules Football:
Watching Aussie Rules

What a great dad
Was Crocodile Dundee half the man that this dad is? Diaper bag, machete, and baby in tow, checking for traffic and holding his first born's hand. What a catch!
(In my defense, the Foster's costume temporarily prevented me from doing any of those things.)

Congrats Lach on your first 10 years in the U.S.A. It's a better place with you here.


Maggie and Ann said...

If I ever throw a party like this for my husband, you are DEFINITELY invited. Love the outfits!! And way to go Joe for being part of the team effort.


Maggie said...

I think I just peed my pants. This is hilarious!

katandkarl said...

hahahahah amazing.

Kelly said...

Awesome! I love it!

jessica said...

And this is why I love Kate and Joe. How the heck did you find time to make that Foster's costume!? I'm so impressed. Hilarious.

Susan said...

This is so impressive! How did you get all this done in a week's time?