Tuesday, December 28, 2010

June, what's with the produce?

Lemon.  Last summer.  Must hold it at the zoo all day.
Zoo Sept. 2010 w/lemon
(p.s. Jessica: this is my plastic Diana lens.)

Zoo Sept. 2010 w/lemon
Never mind the people giving me funny looks. You go on with your lemon, June.

Tomato.  September.  Figured it couldn't hurt to let her hold it since she had zero teeth.  Discovered them's some powerful gums.
Sept. 2010 eating entire tomato

10 minutes later = devoured.
Sept. 2010 eating entire tomato

Carrot.  November.  Current favorite teether.
November 2010 w/carrot as teether

[EDITED TO ADD:  This was the last of my pre-written-in-November posts.  Happy New Year, everybody.  I'm gonna barf if I see one more online gift guide or a blog telling me to use Blue Lily or Justin Hackworth photography even though I don't even live in the mountain time zone.  I'm sure that will only make sense to a handful of you.  Tootles!]

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jessica said...

Yeah, the Diana lens doesn't look all that Diana, but maybe in other photos it would? It's still a great picture, but seems like a different effect.