Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas/December 2010

You probably don't recall, but one of my 2011 New Year's resolutions is to take more pictures of extended family, not just the girls.  Everyone knows that New Year's resolutions don't take effect until the 3rd of January at the earliest, though, so I get a pass.

I didn't focus on photography much last month, but these are some of my favorite snapshots of the season. (By the way, I loved my December blogging/Facebook break and may have to make it an annual tradition. To top it off, our wireless internet stopped working, and getting the computer out of arm's reach did wonders for making us realize how many times per evening or weekend we had been completely MINDLESSLY "checking" stuff. The 'puter's been banished to less convenient grounds for now.)

Painting our own wrapping paper using the leftover butcher paper from the girls' birthday party.
This activity ended in the bathtub.




Georgia's Christmas wish list/letter to Santa:  every time the subject of visiting Santa came up, I told her that she didn't have to sit on his lap this year if she didn't want to, and she would respond by saying that maybe we should just write him.  The list below was a collaborative effort.  She insisted that the whole thing be in orange.  She made me spell out loud but wrote the letters herself, except for the words you see that are obviously in my handwriting (also done on her demand). 
Translation:  Dear Santa, kitty book, toy bike (for June), plum, kleenex, band aids, purple giraffe

June with carrot teether, having unzipped her tracksuit for the 100th time that day, looking like she should be on a baby version of The Sopranos.

In the girls' view, this was the best part of the mall visit to see Santa.

Christmas morning!  Purple giraffe!  Notice how practical Santa is.  Scotch tape, underwear, bandaids, kleenex, lotion, a toothbrush.  Every little girl's dream, right?  : )  Trust me, she was thrilled.  AND - I'll have you know that Santa checked 3 grocery stores for fresh plums before settling on canned ones (plus some prunes, and a kiwi just in case).

June with her new toy "bike".

THIS is what she meant by "kitty book." 

Junie feeding stuffed Peter a goldfish. 

Here's our Christmas pj's shot (thanks, Beth!) in front of the girls' new card table playhouse (thanks, Mom!).  (June, would it kill you smile in a photo these days?) 


Already remodeling?


Kisses for one of her new baby dolls.  YOU GUYS, June is the cuddliest creature I've ever met right now.  If you haven't stopped by for a June hug, you should.  I keep trying to soak it in, assuming it's too good to last.

Rudolph with her purple giraffe, over the (nonexistent) hills and through the woods to Gran and Grandpa Dave's house!

Finally, this year's photo with Mambo the hippo:
With Mambo, 2010
It takes a lot of cheese to keep that midriff looking so svelte.


katandkarl said...

Great pics - i sort of love the escalator one with my whole heart!

Danni said...

So cute! I love that any child would ask for bandaids for Christmas.

Maggie and Mike said...

Awesome Christmas photos. But I think the belly shot might be one of my faves :-)

Susan said...

Those are some pretty awesome letters Georgia is writing! Seriously...for a 3-year-old?! And to think...she's even a preschool drop-out!