Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Explain placemats to me please

Placemats. Are you for them or against them?

My whole life I've been a placemat person, until recently. I've decided I don't get them. Because if they actually do their job -- that is, they catch the crumbs and spills -- then you've still got to pick them up, dust off crumbs into the sink, and either wipe them clean (if plastic), or wash them (if cloth). And in our house, it's more than likely that they sort of don't do their job, because crumbs and spills land on the parts of the tabletop not covered by placemats, which means I'm still cleaning the table afterwards.

I guess what I'm saying is, if you're going to have to wipe and clean either way, why not just wipe off the table itself and save the step of setting out placemats and putting them away?

Now if that wasn't scintillating blog material for your Wednesday, I don't know what is. Next up: towel bars, or towel hooks? Oh, and world peace, of course. (Just kidding about that. Although, I have been thinking about replacing our bars with hooks.)


Maggie said...

I am anti-place mat. I wasn't when I had Anna. She did a fine job of keeping her slobbiness essentially confined to the place mat and I could rinse it and dry it quickly and she found them mildly entertaining to look at.

But then there was Abe. And, man, that kid just uses them as a faster method of throwing everything onto the floor.

So now I don't care much for them.

Susan said...

I think I always saw placemats as more of a decor thing and less as a functional thing. But, I guess they really are intended to serve a function. I'd say forget the placemats!

And I like bars for hand towels and hooks for bath towels!

Emily said...

Given she's only been alive for 2 weeks, Caris hasn't had a chance to impact my opinion on placemats, but generally I'm for them because the wood of our table is easily marked by the condensation from hot/cold things; towel bars because they spread the towel out and let it dry faster; I'm for world peace.
PS Looking forward to catching up soon - am starting to rejoin the real world again.

SteveQ said...

This is the first time I've visited this blog - and aren't you glad that this was the post I found? Placemats have no use unless they have a maze on them.

It's pillow shams I don't get.