Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fasten Your Seat Belts

1) I'm biased, but I think this 3 minute video may be worth a watch.
2) Pictures below for those without 3 minutes to devote to that.
3) To state the obvious, she's playing pilot, with a helmet, a paper control panel that she drew buttons on, and taped on jalapeno pepper controls. Oh, and of course a pepper microphone, for making important announcements.  (Duh.)
4) Close observers will note that she's not wearing the same clothes in the video as the stills.  Yes, this activity went on for days.  (The video's actually a rather shy and subdued version of her typical plane narrative.)

Flying the Plane

Making Important Announcements


Susan said...

Was this her idea? Those pepper controllers are pretty creative! And those pots you having hanging on the wall with crayons and what-not are a really creative/cute idea, too!

Maggie said...

How fun! Love the creativity, Georgia. I swear kids have more fun with stuff from our cabinets than they ever do with stuff from a toy store.

Ann said...

I'll check with our resident pilot, but I'm pretty sure there are no hot pepper controls on his airplane. Georgia is ahead of her time!

Crystal said...

so glad i watched the video so I could enjoy the following:
--10 in the afternoon
--Alice and Wonderland
--Report your seatbelts!

She's so creative and sweet, I love it!