Monday, January 24, 2011

Homemaking Tip of the Day: The Importance of Buying the Right Storage Containers

I got to spend last Monday (MLK Day) at home with these sisters.

MLK Day 2011

MLK Day 2011

MLK Day 2011

So, yeah, most of the day was not like that, but please, try to tell me your ovaries aren't hurting now.


Maggie said...

They're hurting.

Cara @ Me? A Mom? said...

I'm 100% jealous of how well-kept your children look. They're hair is brushed. They're clothes are clean (and are on their bodies).

It's official. My children look like they were raised in a remote Appalachian town by negligent parents. ::sigh::

Cara @ Me? A Mom? said...

oh my god. And I can't even get my grammar together. No wonder my children are a mess. THEIR. THEIR. THEIR!!

Kate said...

Cara, you crack me up. I didn't even notice the they're/their thing until you mentioned it.

Don't feel bad. Their hair isn't brushed, and I'm sure June ripped out that barrette and attempted to eat it about 2 seconds after these photos were shot.

Georgia would spend her whole life naked or in pj's if she could. The only thing keeping her at least in pj's most of the time is the fact that her skin is so darn sensitive that it will shatter into a million pieces if left uncovered in the cold winter air of our house for more than 5 minutes. No really.

Anonymous said...

My ovaries are KILLING me! - Tom T.