Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day 2011!

I hadn't come up with a clever Groundhog Day post idea yet as in years past, but thankfully mother nature gave us great material in the form of a BLIZZARD.  Woo-hoo!

But wait!  Here's an excerpt from an actual email from my firm:   "Please remember that [insert firm name here] is a global law firm and has an obligation to open our doors each business day to serve the needs of our clients.  Therefore, at this time the Chicago office is scheduled to remain open."

Oh, barf.  Give me a break.  (I do apologize, though, if the world economy tanks because I took a snow day.)  Joe and I worked from home and took shifts watching the girls for the most part.  (That didn't allow much time for pitching in with snow removal, so Joe's outside in the dark now doing his part shoveling and trying to work up a sweat in the 13 degree cold.)  

Fort fun wore off by about lunchtime, and it had finally stopped snowing and gusting so hard, so we ventured outside.  It was pretty spectacular, and we all had a ball. 



This may not look too noteworthy until you realize that we're all smack in the middle of the road.


Snow angel.
Snow angel


The alley. Yeah, I don't think we'll be driving out anytime soon.

Look at those cheeks. Time to go in for a nap.

If you are the kind of person who thinks less of us for allowing our kids to jump on the couch, then you are probably not going to want to watch this next video.  Let's just say, it gives new meaning to the term "dumpster diving."  Oh, and the first clip, which you may miss if you blink, is our neighbor jumping off of our deck into a snow drift.  File this all under "urban hillbillies."  We have had way more fun in this alley over time than any sane person should.  (Also, I feel the need to add that Georgia is freaking out at the end of the video because she suddenly had to pee, not because she was hurt.) She loved it all, promise.  

With no further ado....


Maggie said...

Love the snow photos. Cross-country skiing? Awesome.

Me? A Mom? said...

Okay, that look on your neighbor's face when he fell was priceless. "You go all the way down!" Ha!

I love that you're throwing your kid into a snow bank. That's fantastic. Truly. The world needs more parents like us! :)

jessica said...

How fun and beautiful! June in that snowsuit with ears is stinkin' cute.