Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Kinda Freaking Out Here, People

No, not about the baby.  Sorry for the abrubt change of subject (and thank you all for your warm wishes on the last post), but I'm talking about work.  Something I generally avoid discussing on this blog for a number of reasons, but screw that today.  Three of my most favorite-est work peeps are leaving, and I cannot even begin to describe how much this blows.  I happen to work for the largest law firm in the world (seriously? how did that happen?), so this won't even be a blip from the firm's standpoint.  But these are not only friends of mine who make my days at the office more passable, they're the people I normally eat lunch with, and they're all partners that I did work for.  So excuse me while I sit here snarfing down a box of Dunkin Donuts Munchkins that I bought for my pity party.  Don't judge. 
This is my favorite picture of "Good Larry" because he is nothing like this.  Bulls game with clients, November 2010.  Good Larry accosted by a girating Benny the Bull.  My unauthorized use of this photo is his secret punishment for abandoning me.  Small price to pay. 

Song of the day:  Dominos by The Big Pink
(No, I am not in love with my colleagues.  Don't take the lyrics so literally.) 


Danni said...

Are they leaving together? Will you still have a source of work? That does sound rather stressful.

Maggie said...

Oh no! That's terrible!