Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week in Photographs

June looking cute in Galena; sledding with Gran & Grandpa Dave in Galena (the Missouri of Illinois! who knew hills existed here?); baking heart shaped banana muffins; eating heart shaped stuffed spinach pizza; June's portraits in Tom T.'s hand knit sweater; Georgia being silly.

Not pictured: Sara & Vake in Galena. (I'm not doing so well at my resolution to take more photos of family members this year.)

Also not pictured: Kate crying at Little Gym, Kate crying at work, Kate crying at Potbelly's, Kate crying when Joe pays her a compliment, Kate crying at Pret a Manger, Kate crying while reading the children's book Corduroy; Kate crying at footage of Nancy Reagan kissing Ronald's coffin. I hormones.



Hills in Galena!


Galena w/Gran

Sledding in Galena

June w/Grandpa Dave

Georgia & Grandpa Dave

Georgia's solo run


Heart muffin


Sweater from Tom Treat

Sweater from Tom T.

Sweater from Tom T.



Maggie said...

Love the photos... do you think Giordano's heart pizza will survive the bankruptcy proceedings?

jessica said...

Aww, sweet. I hope this doesn't make you cry, but Georgia looks so grown up in that baking photo! Her hair is so long! Not the baby I remember the last time you all were in Austin.

Anonymous said...

YEAH! This makes me happy, happy, happy! I will be looking at these photos of your darling girls many times - especially during crappy days in the office. They lift me right up. Thanks for posting. Love, Tom T.

Susan said...

I was going to say the same thing as Jessica....Georgia looks so grown up in all these pictures!! Sad. But, I guess that's a good thing since there's another on the way!

Ann said...

Thank you, Maggie for explaining what the heck that heart-shaped creation was. I didn't notice the pizza box before and was utterly confused. And yes, the girls are BOTH looking so grown up. Love these pics!

benandsherie said...

OMG, I want that pizza

ritap said...

I want June's hair bow/clip for myself. Oh, and I want that pizza...for myself, of course.

Me? A Mom? said...

I continue to be amazed at how nicely kept your kids' hair is. Seriously. How DO you do it?