Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brace Yourself for the Psycho-Babble

Where to begin?  I'll keep it short because the words are not the entertaining part here.

1) Read Skimmed the book Siblings Without Rivalry, which recommended trying to help your child identify his or her feelings and draw them rather than expressing them by hitting, fighting, or other inappropriate means.

2) Our problem isn't so much hitting or fighting as it is Georgia instantaneously dissolving into a HUGE crying fit every time something doesn't suit her.   

3) The broad category of "things that do not suit her" includes June interrupting her by squealing, shrieking or crying.

4) June is 18 months old.  She squeals, shrieks and cries.

5) = I think I may cry, too, if a certain someone doesn't figure out a way to draw her damn feelings.

With no further ado, I give you a few weeks worth of results.  (I'm not saying the issue's all fixed now or whatever, but it can't have hurt, right?)  I'll let you figure out for yourself which one of these was drawn entirely by me in response to my own bad behavior.  I'm trying to practice what I preach, but we all have our moments.   












Yeah, I fully admit that the word choice of "anguish" was open mockery of Georgia's ridiculous overreaction.  Also, the happy entries were somewhat coerced; I couldn't take the growing wall of negativity where these drawings were displayed and had to remind Georgia that maybe she could commemorate some good moments, too.  Sheesh.


Emily said...

Anguish over spilled water . . . ha! OK, I realize not funny, but actually very funny.

Kate said...

yes - you have to find the humor in these things, right, otherwise the irrationality of it all will just kill you.

but I have marked Caris's 3rd birthday in my calendar so that I can forward your comment back to you. : ) ha ha ha ha

Emily said...

Did you do that before or after writing your "humble pie" post?