Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random post script/confession/I am a loser

Did you read the article "How to Make Oatmeal...Wrong" by Mark Bittman in the NY Times in which he lambasted McDonald's for managing to somehow sell a simple bowl of oatmeal by putting 21 INGREDIENTS in it.  (Seriously?!??)

So, there I was, perusing the comments, many of which slammed American parents both for rewarding their kids with food, and worse, for heavily relying on the drive-thru to feed their families (not out of cost effectiveness, but out of laziness).

Picture me, prancing around on my high horse...feeling all self-satisfied that my girls, though they have been there on rare occasion (well maybe not June?), don't even know what "McDonald's" is....yeah, high-five to me!  "Happy Meal" is not in Georgia's vocabulary, boo-yeah, put that down on my Mother of the Year application...

...and in walk Joe and Georgia, with a sack full of McDonald's fries and a Coke for me to boot, all picked up from the drive-thru on the way home from Little Gym as a reward for Miss G "trying" at her class...  (Seriously?!??)

Would you like a side order of EAT CROW with your fries, Ma'am?  Oh yeah, you better believe it was all delicious.


Maggie said...

Ha ha ha! Well, the good news I don't think this type of treat rarity is what they're talking about. Besides, it will help her understand what the heck McDonalds is when everyone at school is discussing whether they like cheeseburgers or mcnuggets best :-)

Aunt Kathy said...

Waiting for Clair and Annie to see this! McDonald's fries were their reward when they were dragged to a meeting. It was a different time. Red finger jello was a healthy treat back in the day. They turned out okay. I remember taking Joe to McDonalds on the last day of preschool, thinking he'd get a Happy Meal and he polished off a Big Mac.

Kate said...

Maggie - good point.
Kathy - too funny! I had forgotten that Happy Meal/Big Mac story. Yeah, I ate plenty of McDonald's as a kid and like to think that I also turned out just fine. Although I have this feeling that while it may not have been "healthy" per se, that at the time the McD's food ingredients were more likely to be, well, normal food ingredients. Happier cows and chickens and such. Potatoes with a shelf life under 10 years. At least that's what I'm telling myself. : )

Cindy said...

That's too funny! Both the boys LOVE McDonalds. I don't know what it is. We only eat it on road trips, but they LOVE it. It's like baby heroin. Byron told our neighbor the other day that I wouldn't let him eat McDonald's because it's junk.