Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Girl After My Own Heart

My niece Alice at age 3 1/2 was very into dinosaurs and could identify and correctly pronounce them all well enough to put any freshman paleontology major to shame.  Harry, who just turned 4, is apparently in an outer space phase and has memorized not just the planets, but all types of galaxies and other facts about our solar system.

Georgia? She couldn't tell you anything about that stuff, because for a few months now she has been into: the BEACH! Let's play beach. Let's wear a swimsuit indoors ALL. DAY. LONG. (How is that child not freezing? I am wearing three layers of sweatshirts.) Let's dig with sand castle and gardening tools on the carpet and pretend this bracelet is an entry pass for the pool. Don't forget to put on pretend sunscreen and don your sunglasses and hat, because people, you do NOT want to burn. The indoor rays of Chicago are fierce.

Let's go to the beach!
{I haven't seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but Joe pointed out that Georgia is channeling Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson here.) 

Related:  Georgia and I were reading a storybook the other day that happened to use the word "hobbies" in it.  She asked what "hobbies" was, so I came up with the answer of, "A hobby is something you do for fun in your spare time.  Like, one of Mommy's hobbies is photography, because I enjoy taking pictures.  What's your hobby, Georgia?"

"My hobby is sleeping, Mama."

God, I love that girl.

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Susan said...

Oh man, she really is your girl! I just spent the last 5 days w/ some Dallas company and we had a blast, but I will say that the mornings weren't quite as slow as when I'm with you CoMo girls (and I always prefer slow mornings!!).