Monday, April 4, 2011


Joe: Standing right there, your profile looks like you just tucked a basketball under your shirt.

Me: Really? Well, go grab the camera then, because it's not going to get any better than that!

By popular demand, here are bump pics, one day shy of 22 weeks. (I love using phrases like that, when really only like two people asked.)

1 day shy of 22 weeks
{Please excuse combination of Danskos with yoga pants, a regular occurrence.  I have reached new fashion lows.}

1 day shy of 22 weeks

Exaggerated by presence of squirmy, 26 lb. toddler sitting on it:
1 day shy of 22 weeks


Anonymous said...

Kate - you look GREAT!! A very healthy, fit pregnancy. Tom t.

Emily said...

Woo-hoo! This makes me miss you guys so much. Are you sure you don't want to move to upstate New York? The weather isn't any worse than Chicago (um, might even be better - we didn't get a blizzard this year).

Kelly said...

OMG - you look adorable!!! Such a cute little bump!

jessica said...

So cute!

Cindy said...

cute bump! You wear it well.

Angelique said...

You look great!!!! Love the bump!