Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another First Day

Georgia starts her once-a-week, 2 hour long, preschool transition class today. (Gratuitous opportunity to show off her 1st ever school portrait from last fall.) 

Georgia school picture fall 2010
"I may not like school, but I love having my picture taken!"
Think happy thoughts, everybody.

[EDITED TO ADD]  4/4/11 update:  there was an allergy miscommunication that got me all riled up (read about it here if you want), but things otherwise went okay.  Actually, I had to speak to Georgia's teacher about allergies again today, and the silver lining of that phone conversation was finding out that Georgia's first day went much better than she had self-reported. Maybe not great, but not terrible.  Which is to say, it was great by our standards! 


Kelly said...

Yay, Georgia! I hope it goes well!!!

Susan said...

My favorite part of this post? There's sure to be a follow-up! And I love to be guaranteed a good blog post. I bet she'll do great!