Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Side? Side?!

After being cooped up for a lot of the winter, June has realized there's an entire world just outside our front and back doors.  Which means that the constant, pleading refrain of, "Side! Side?" [translation: "My dearest beloved parents, if it's not too much trouble, might we please venture outside for a moment of fresh air?"] is often easier to indulge than to resist.  Sometimes when Joe and I arrive home from work, June tries to cut us off at the door, pushing her way out like an escapee before we can make our way in.  I can't blame her; I feel the same way. 

Unfortuantely, the weather went from being 80 last Sunday to snowing yesterday morning, so all of our spirits have been dampened a bit, but that's okay, we'll get back out there soon.     

June's other new favorite pastime?  Spinning in place until she makes herself dizzy and then walking away like a wobbly drunk.  I'll try to get a video soon. 

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Angelique said...

We must living in parallel worlds...Jake and June would enjoy each others company!