Friday, April 15, 2011

We Had a Really Good Run

Over three and a half years without a trip to the ER. Not bad, eh? I feel like I know people who for legitimate reasons, or due to first time parent jitters, have landed in the ER about 12 times before their first child turned three. So, we're counting our lucky stars and hoping for another 3.5+ year run.

Sorry to bury the lead, but I really didn't want to muddle up the prior two posts with news of Sunday's events. You can read the full report here and here if interested.

Dr. June
{Dr. June prepping for the OR goofing off while waiting for her sister.}

This is a total non sequitur, but I also attended the funeral Tuesday of a 58 year old colleague of mine who succumbed to cancer.  Needless to say, we're all ready for this week to be over and to just hit the "reset" button.

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