Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Children of the Corn

Woops - Easter.  We'll have to come back to that.  We are on vacation.  Sorry if these are not the cute beach photos you were anxiously awaiting.  Never fear, they're coming.  But first, some corn.

Go to island grocery store to stock up on condo food.  Georgia becomes enamored with shrink-wrapped package of corn on the cob and MUST. HAVE. IT.  It's so exciting (!!!), she refuses to let the bagger put it in a bag so that she can carry it.  Begs to eat it immediately, but we put her off.  Wakes up the next morning demanding raw corn for breakfast.  Hey, that's easy.  Knock yourself out, kids.

Raw corn on the balcony in pj's?  We must have arrived in paradise.


Raw.  So wrong.


I guess you can take the girl out of the Midwest, but you can't take the Midwest out of the girl!


Danni said...

Your photos are so unbelievably good. Are they really eating it raw? And since when can you buy corn-on-the-cob not in the husk? And where are you? An island? Jealous.

Emily said...

I don't recall anyone offering me any raw corn on the cob when I was in that vacation location with you.
Also, love June's curls.

Sarah said...

That's hilarious!