Monday, April 25, 2011

Crafty Foo Foo

I saw about 1 million amazing ideas for cute Easter craft projects online this year.

Alas, I did not have time for 1 million craft projects, so I chose one. One that involved almost no work. One that I had fleeting thoughts of including Georgia in by letting her draw the faces or glue the crowns. I suppose if I were a better mom I would've done that, but this time I opted for the relaxing route and did the whole thing peacefully myself while watching DVR'd television on Friday night. Ahhhh.

The girls still got a kick out of the end result.




Notice June has only partially peeled this one before digging right in.


Click, print and enjoy your own free download of the Easter Egg Ears template at Sah-Rah's website here


jessica said...

I absolutely love these! I'm a sucker for anything miniature and I've never seen miniature bunny ear headband thingies. Awesome!

Kate said...

yea! thanks for the comment, Jessica. I'm glad somebody else loved these, too -- I thought they were super cute!