Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter 2011

(Seems like a hundred years ago by now, doesn't it?)

This picture sums up my feelings about it: (this is also the closest we came to a good family photo, if that tells you anything)
We had some fun, but on Easter morning.... Well, let's just say I was trying very hard not to become a cliche.  Not to become "that mom" who is completely stressing out, yelling at the kids to get in the car and pulling my hair out because WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE TO CHURCH, and for the love of God, please just let me help you put your shoes on!  (Which I realize is completely missing the entire point of Easter, so no need to remind me.)  But yeah, I cracked like the twenty-some eggs we had dyed, and once our day got derailed, it was hard to ever get it back on track.  You win some, you lose some.  Maybe next year, with 3 kids in tow, I'll be Little Miss Laid Back.  Ha!
Here are the highlights of Easter week:
{Had to include this sweet shot of the girls looking at ultrasound pics. Crafty Steph helped them make their rabbit hats.}

June with Great Grandpa's pipe
{June with her great grandpa's pipe. Yeah, we tell the girls about the evils of smoking and then let them run around the house playing with this pipe. Georgia always cracks me up, by the way, because when the subject of smoking arises, she's quick to remind me that Santa smokes a pipe. That bad, bad Santa!}

{An example of "things Georgia did not get to do until she was 3, that June gets to do when she's 1." Also, I was concerned we'd never get through eating all those eggs, but the girls had a heyday. They were practically eating and cracking them faster than we could get them dyed, because June didn't understand the concept of waiting so much.}


{Perhaps only my friend Christine (who has an egg-allergic son) can understand how wildly exciting moments like this are to me. Egg has been back in Georgia's diet for quite a while now, but I still marvel to watch her eating them with no adverse effects. There is hope!}

{As you can see, the little bunny guys that managed to survive getting eaten in the first round were later dyed.}

{There were not a lot of sweets to be had, since the weekend also involved multiple birthday cakes. In fact, it was a chocolate-free Easter, which I think may qualify me for meanest mom ever. Everyone seemed happy with the treats in their somewhat minimalist baskets, though.}


{Nice hair, June. I think you've got a little strawberry juice right there...}



"Bubble! Bubble! Bubble!" (repeat x 1,000)


{Safety tip: run swiftly, and carry a dandelion and a big stick.}



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Ann said...

That first photo is my favorite. I'd say that's exactly what you'll remember about this year's Easter, although the girls do look adorable in their dresses too. Good job keepin' it real.