Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Captain Underpants

eSomeone's feeling pretty proud of herself for being such a big girl!  June's made great strides on the potty training front in recent weeks - it's like something just clicked for her.  So much so that we decided to present her with her very own (hand me down) stash of underwear to wear around the house.  It was too exciting for her to pick just one, so here she is attempting to put on about 7 pairs at the same time. 

Captain Underpants

We've even gotten brave enough to take her on a few very brief outings sans diaper, to mixed results. Go, June, go!

In other underpants news, Georgia spontaneously traded in her overnight cloth diapers/pull-ups for underwear as of Friday night.  We're kind of blown away by this development, seeing as how she's been daytime potty trained since just before she turned two, but as of last week hadn't even begun waiving a finger at the idea of not peeing overnight.  I swear, that girl was peeing gallons.  And then, boom, she just announces, "I don't think I'd pee if I were wearing regular underwear," and that was that.  I've been sneaking in her room around 10 or 11 each night to give her a (delirious) potty break, and she's been waking up dry.

Between June and Georgia's recent developments, it's absolutely crazy to me that just since Friday our total diaper laundry tally has gone down to about 4 per 48 hours.  Yes, it will skyrocket again come August, but with this baby on the way, I'm quite excited to think that I won't actually have 3 kids in some form of diaper.  Whew!  

Disclaimer to this post:  I have never talked about potty training much on this blog, not because I think it's gross or inappropriate.  Please, this is a total mommy blog if I ever saw one.  I haven't discussed it because I know we've been ridiculously lucky with potty training thus far, and I didn't want to either jinx our luck, or have it appear that I'm bragging.  (Especially since we'll be tackling round #3 of potty training in a couple years, and who knows what difficulties that will bring?)  We know it's all been good fortune, and nothing we did or didn't do.  What can I say?  Maybe your kid will be good at making friends or algebra or baseball.  Mine are pretty good at the toilet.  : )

ETA:  Hmm, well, maybe I spoke to soon.  Wrote that post on Monday night and found myself up at 5 a.m. Tuesday changing sheets.  Two steps forward, one step back...


Kelly said...

Way to go Georgia and June! Big news!!! E's doing great using the potty during the day without accidents (so exciting!) Haven't been brave enough to try naps/nighttime without a dipaer yet. If you have any suggestions, feel free to pass them along :)

Kate said...

Kelly - everything I've read so far says that the naps/nighttime can't really be "trained" and that it's entirely biological. You just wait for their bodies to stop peeing while asleep, and when you've had a streak of dry nights or nighttimes, you switch them to underwear. Makes sense to me, because if they're peeing while asleep, it seems it's something they can't consciously control. I guess with Georgia we've skipped the "wait for dry nights" part to give it a go, because she was leading the charge for nighttime underwear and we figured what the hell. Since she's almost 4, it seemed worth a shot!

Crystal said...

OMG! Harry had his first ever pee-free night on Saturday night! Did Georgia secretly call him and tell him it was the thing to do? He woke up so proud with a dry diaper!

June is amazing. Max just pretends to pee in the potty to mimic brother, but has never actually done anything. Sigh.