Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot in Herre

I really am not one to complain about the heat, promise.  I know nothing different than being pregnant in the summertime.  It is hilarious how much heat sympathy I get from co-workers when all I've done is chill out in an over-air conditioned office building all day.

But now?  You win, weather.  You've truly outdone yourself the past couple of days.  Bravo.  Turns out a heat index of 108.5 is past my tolerance limit.

For footwear reasons, I had to sausage myself into black yoga pants and traipse around the city to three different medical appointments today.  Awesome.

(It wasn't pretty.)   

37 Weeks.  HOT.

But the future's so bright....

Future's so bright (37 weeks)

Also, does anyone else here find it hilarious that my midwives' practice is located in the Playboy headquarters building?

Playboy building lobby

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